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The Hamlets were RC Hannah’s R.A.G. at East Term II 2019. They resided on third-floor Alsplaugh, with RC buddies Mary-Austin and Marianna. At nearly every TIP event, the Hamlets could be counted on to do their signature chant, which consisted of shouting “HAM” four times and clapping, and would on occasion begin a longer version of the chant wherein the “HAM”s and clapping would continue for longer and get faster each time.

Members of this R.A.G. were noted to be incredibly Foolish and Hammy. Several members of the Hamlets were also gifted relics at the end of the East Term II 2019 session, including Anadys Rodriguez (Queen of the Queers), Vyshnavi Sabbie (Shattered Disc), and Ellie Toyama (Little Miss Sunshine).

Honorary Members: Chubs, Lilli Taft

Ham of the Day

Ham of the Day is a tradition exclusive to the Hamlets, used for determining the Hammiest Hamlet. Following the nightly announcements of R.A.G. meetings, that day’s Ham would be responsible for naming who they deemed would be the best fit for the next HotD. Since the qualifications for Ham of the Day could not be known by any who had not yet been named Ham, the Council of Previous Hams was responsible for informing each new Ham why they had been picked, and what characteristics should be present in their successor. Then, that Ham of the Day would select the most viable candidate the following night and so on would the process go.

In one case, renowned in Hamlet history, the Ham of the Day, Chubs (a dog, not physically at the meeting), was not able to name the next Ham of the Day himself. The Council of Previous Hams instead convened and came quickly to a unanimous decision. They named the new Ham of the Day, and the cycle continued.

Fool of the Day

Fool of the Day is another important, special Hamlet tradition. Instead of being passed from Fool to Fool, the Fool of the Day was chosen by the wisest and most foolish of all, the Foolmaster. Each day, following the choosing of the Ham of the Day, the Foolmaster would name one Hamlet Fool, based on their own divine judgememt of each Hamlet’s behavior that day. While the title to the observer might seem derogatory, it was instead known to be a high honor and one of great renown. However, the Foolnaming was both a blessing and a curse. Not in all cases, but in most, the individual named FotD would find that while they bore the moniker, they would exhibit foolishness in their words and actions (this was not universally true, but did happen commonly and generally enough to cause suspicion).

LET IT BE KNOWN: Vyshnavi, the last to be named Fool of the Day, is the Wisest of all the Hamlets and possibly all Hams - with the exception of Mamma Hamma, the wisest above all and Ham for Eternity.


Hannah - aka Mamma Hamma™

Lisa - most likely to be an anime character

Vyshnavi - most likely to become a professional UF champion

Shelby - most likely to be superwoman

Ella - the sweetest angel mom

Alex - She-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named

Sophie - most likely to ask the mirror on the wall "who's the most foolish of them all?" aka Foolmaster™

Meghan - most likely to start a hall party

Anadys - most likely to start a fight with a goose

Ellie - most likely to be an icon

Catherine - secretly hilarious

Ava - most likely to wear vampire fangs to an interview

Sol - most likely to survive a zombie apocalypse barefoot

Bella - most likely to not-so-secretly be a wizard

Kaela - most likely to be your ray of sunshine


As many know, TIPSync at East Term 2 2019 was mandatory for all RC groups. With only a day to prepare, the Hamlets put their brains together to come up with something in time. The final result? Slow dancing to Gregorian chants while two members (Sophie Thrasher and Ellie Toyama) held pool noodles and imitated RCs. Each time a pair of dancers would get too close, the RCs would creatively separate them, which caused their deaths. At the end of the song, surrounded by unconcious Tipsters, the two RCs began a slow dance of their own.

Hamlet Trivia

  • Hamlets are well known to prefer the other, secret part of the cafeteria
  • E-Girl Gang, for love and support of E-Girls, originated within the Hamlets. The original source of its signature black hearts was Anadys’ eyeliner stamp that died a week before the end of the term (rest in peace heart stamp).
  • On the night of the last dance, the Hamlets took a Super Secret & Official Blood Oath that consisted of placing temporary tattoos on the left wrist
  • The Hamlets met Chubs, the dog, Hammiest of Hams, on their R.A.G. night trip to Whole Foods
  • On that same trip, they met a group of sweet (if they can be counted as such) West 4th Years, who they met again later at the Freedom Tunnel during their final R.A.G. night
  • There is an unconfirmed rumor that every night at 3:40 (exactly), half the Hamlets would suddenly awake and converge in the bathroom to socialize, dance, and just generally party. (THIS IS FALSE PLEASE DON’T HUNT US DOWN MAMA HAMMA, WE’RE GOOD CHILDREN)
  • No one really has an official spelling for her name. There is Mamma Hamma as frequently used in the article, Mama Hamma and even Mama Hama. No one really agrees, but no one really disagrees. Spell it in A Way (tm), no one really minds either way.