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During the Super Bowl in 2006, a commercial aired that would inspire one TIPster to create a system of which men could gather around and solve their controversy without sparking drama. That year at TIP Duke East Term 1, three men gathered around a few warm orange spritzers creating the first TIP MAN LAW. In this MAN LAW session the three solved their issues. and were able to move along. From then, MAN LAW meetings were called to solve any issues between men at TIP, ranging from female issues to frisbee-team rosters. All in all, 2006 was a year of resounding success for the males of TiP.

Then there was next year. By the first week, drama threatened to rape the sanctity of fourth year. Two strapping young bucks knocked heads over an ample doe. And as nature would have it, one was left heartbroken. In light of this, one of the founding fathers of TiP MAN LAW sprung into action, calling a meeting of eight men. The fellowship gathered and forged two decisive laws. They were as follows:

Should any man chose one female as his sole pursuit, no other man may challenge him unless...

The female in question is recognized as "universally hot", a unanimous agreement that she is a dime piece.

The men adjourned. And the term continued relatively peacefully and ninety percent to code.

Should MAN LAW be continued, the following criteria must be followed:

1. The Man holding the MAN LAW session (host) must provide beverages for his fellow men during the session.

2. There must be at least 3 men present in each session.

3. All MAN LAWS passed must be unanimous (no side agreements allowed)

4. Absolutely no cock blocking (with the excepting of "universally hot" decree- see above)

5. Should the MAN LAW host abandon his post before the conclusion of the session, he will be regarded as 'Stacy' for an indefinite amount of time. Also, the other men are required to do nothing but shout lines at him and stare at his chest.