Man cave

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An ingenious invention thought of at TiP East, terms I and II 2010, which simulates the conditions of the much sought-after AC. To create a Man Cave, one must have a bed that is elevated much above the floor (the beds on stilts). First, remove the mattress from the top of the bed, leaving the springs exposed. Next, place the mattress under the bedframe (those with beds too low to the ground may try and flip the frame over, but placing the bed on other devices, e.g. dressers and desks, to elevate the bed is not advised, Sugg). After ensuring that one can safely and comfortably fit on top of the mattress, under the top of the frame, place a box fan or any other fan on top of the bedsprings, facing downward towards the mattress. Adjust as needed for comfort. Using this wonderful device can simulate air conditioned conditions, so much so that some TiPsters have exclaimed that the Man Caves are too cold, which is exceptionally notable on East Campus. Extra blankets can also be lined on top of the frame, surrounding the fan, and around the sides of the frame, so as to trap the whirlwind of cooled air within the man cave.