Manly fathers coupons with a k

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Manly Father's Coupons with a K was one of the best RAGs of East Term II 2018. The RAG was so amazing they even got third place in the scavenger hunt. We were really brought together when Caroline brought her beautiful "Party Time" bucket hat and sunglasses (both meant for infants) into existence. The RAG nights consisted of dying of heatstroke (playing board games and having a good time except for heatstroke) in the third floor alspaugh common room, going to ninth street with Avery's RAG, and having a birthday party for three people and just having a good time!1!11!!1!!!

Meet The Coupons!

- RC CAROLINE- most likely to break out the sickest whip
- ANNABEL- koolest kat
- OLIVER- meme supreme lightning mcqueen
- MEGHAN- best listener
- ALLIE- smolest bean
- ELLIE- most enthusiastic
- AVA- costume queen
- MIA- particularly punctual person
- MADELYN- southernest belle
- ELLA- most likely to do an interpretive dance in the middle of the night
- ANISA- brightest smile
- ABIGAIL- chillest gal
- SOPHIE- most perpetually caffeinated
- AMELIA- heyest man
- ELIZABETH- coziest human
- BROOKE- gamemaster

Good Times with the Coupons!

- "bUt WItH a K!" - madelyn
- ella doing interpretive dances right before lights out each night
- watching queer eye
- everyone getting their left over snacks on the last night, having a feast in the hall, and messing around with the alexa
- the weekly wasp in the bathroom
- "hey man! that's not tippropriate!" - amelia
- the creation of the name of manly father's coupons with a k
- everyone's fav pastime was making fun of Madelyn's nightly slip into her Southern accent and sHe dId nOt aPpReCiAtE iT gUyS
- "I haVe FrIEnDs CArOlInE" "What are their names?" "Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh... I have friends, I swear."

Friendly Little Note for the Coupons!

Hey broskis!!!!! If you can't tell, this was written by ella. therefore, most of the good times with the coupons have to do with me (ella). if you are a coupon and have a good time worth sharing then PLEASE put it on this page. thanks sm!! also i miss you<3