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Mark "Akugbe" Berry (Not to be confused with the actual Akugbe, who is a god) is a TiPster from Alabama who attended TiP in 2K13 at Wake Forest and 2K14 at Duke East Campus. Mark is known for being the whitest of the farmers Alabama has to offer. The intensity of his whiteness is only surpassed by his love for the University of Alabama. He is the creator of "Sweet Home New Delhi", the anthem of the Big 8 at Wake Forest.

Wake Forest 2K13

Mark attended Wake Forest in 2013 for his first year at TiP. He was in CJ's legendary RAG, which hosted the Big 8. He took a Speculative Fiction writing class in which he was the only guy. Needless to say he ended up taking all of them to the dance. At Wake he was roommates with Sumer and had conjoined rooms with Julian and Sean. Halfway through TiP he and Sean switched rooms so Julian and him could formulate ideas and match their creativity (aka watch South Park 'till 1 A.M). Mark loved to pet CJ's head for a very unknown reason and liked to sing CJ the Happy Birthday song at spontaneous times. Mark was also known for his antics in evening activities for setting picks when Capture the Flag was played with Jailor. This led to a certain cult following of Jailor, who is still revered although he is thought to have disappeared into the universe. Julian and Mark also had incredible amounts of food nearby, ranging from ramen, which they ate everyday, to cereal boxes, and even Sumer's extended family.

Duke East 2K14

Mark's secnd year at TiP was at the East Campus site at Duke university. The almighty Jailor and Akugbe arranged the stars so that magically Julian and Mark were in Jordan's RAG, and roommates again (I know wtf?). While at East Mark formed part of the Great 9, along with Wilson, Julian, Aniketh, Aidan, Alex, Austen, Sarah, and Ethan. He came prepared for the year and brought multiple ramen cups to last the entire term. Mark formed part of Don's CTA class with Aniketh. In the afternoons Mark liked to go play frisbee and was part of the Water Colors team and ultimatley beat the staff in the game. Mark made everyone proud being the first in his family to actually be on a select team. It was in 2014 when Mark truly became the Prophet of Akugbe, a symbol for generations to come. He touched the hearts of many with his kindness and blackness. Also, Mark proved to be a decent baller the only day basketball activity, even if he couldn't shoot over Julian, who is 3 inches shorter. Overall Mark was an icon in TiP culture, showing everyone that if a Farmer has a dream, a Farmer can accomplish it.

Formal Titles

Prophet of the Church of Akugbe.

National White Farmer Association Chairman.

Singer / Songwriter.

Certified Baller.

Big 8 Founder

Great 9 Founder

Official TiP Baller.