Mark McGuire

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Mark McGuire
Campus(es) ASU 2009, UGA 2010-2012
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Course(s) Mathematical Problem Solving, Algebra 2, Sports Med, Cryptography
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A member of the BDB from Monroe, North Carolina. Attended all four years at Duke Tip (ASU Term II['09] and UGA Term II['10-'12]). Was roommates with Willie Barbuto in 2011, and was roommates with Raj Kashyap in 2012. J Dawg's (Lucas) RC group in 2011, and Joe's RC group in 2012. A lifelong brother and best friend of Robert Ledbetter, Christopher Buehler, WIllie Barbuto, and Raj Kashyap.

He may or may not have had a lady leave his room while I was doing laundry one morning. Honestly, I have never met a more cool guy. He's such a ladies' man and I'm not gay, but if I were...I'd call no homo and go to town on him.