Mary Katherine Keller

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Background Information:

11th grader in Little Rock, Arkansas. 3rd Year 4th Year @ Duke West Campus.

  • 2010 Archaeology & Anthropology (West)
  • 2009 Anatomy, Physiology, and Medical Ethics (West)
  • 2008 Neuroscience (West)

Original member of the Blob. Came up with "Kyle and Jeanne plus 16!"


  • Alysen's RAG (Roommate: Sarah Chason)
  • 2009 Amber's RAG (Roommate: Crysta Tucci)
  • 2008 Laura's RAG (Roommate: Nicole Negedly)

Mary Katherine is known for her loud and enthusiastic nature. She was one of the RC's favorite 4th years along with Eli due to her quick witted humor, charismatic personality, and random facts of the day. She hopes to attend Duke University for college and major in Cultural Anthropology.