Mathematical Problem Solving (Davidson)

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  • Timothy x Wes will never die. It has the fury of a thousand suns behind it.
  • Griffin...
  • Tucker drew a star to solve every single problem, it was amazing.
  • Oilly is love. Oilly is life.
  • Cool and popular too
  • Everyone getting Wes to sign their math book he gave us

2019 Term 1

  • Instructor: Rayshawn
  • TA: Will
  • TiPsters: Anurag, Nithin, Nam, Andres, Michelle, Priyanka, Kara, Ziad, Khaled, Bryce, Jake, Nick, Logan, Diana, Brooks, Kerry, Amber, Joseph
  • sorry if i forgot you^
  • i'M TaLkiNG aBoUt SuNshInE, WOOAAOOOHHH!-Anurag
  • Anurag and elmo juice boxes
  • Viva la vida VS. Fallen kingdom
  • Nam and Andres playing Kirby music
  • Nam has a brother named Viet. I kid you not.
  • ”kara’s a Twinkie”-Priyanka
  • Priyanka's a coconut-Nithin
  • Jake ran into a tree, Nick tackled a tree, and Nithin ran into a tree.
  • TREE RAT!!!! (Squirrel)
  • 420+420+420+69+69+69+69+69+69+69+


  • Stupid tall people!-Andres
  • That makes no logical sense, as by rules of.....It was a joke, wasn't it.- Diana
  • WOOOOOSHHH-Khaled and Andres
  • Andres and Khaled buy a whole Vermonster at Ben and Jerry’s