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Mathematical Problem Solving, otherwise known as MPS is a class in Duke TIP. MPS delves into "real math" as Trinity 2016 Professor Yuqiu Yang likes to say. Often, the students get sidetracked.

Term II 2016 Trinity University

The Chants

Trump Always Lies

One time, Mr. Yang(our math teacher for the TIP semester), was doing logic puzzles that went around these lines, "The Knight always tells the truth, the rabbit always lies. However, a child in our class decided that it would be hilarious if we replaced the word rabbit with Real-Estate tycoon Donald Trump. 1 says a truth or lie, and 2 says a truth or lie as well. Which is which?" Naturally, everyone starts chanting "TRUMP ALWAYS LIES" over and over.


As any good chant starts, this one started with a deck of cards and having time to spare. On the first day, MPS was playing cards for the first FOUR HOURS of class. We started by playing a game called 24. 24 is a game where 4 people get a set of 4 shared cards and must race to create 24 from those numbers just using the basic operators + the slightly more advanced operator, THE PARENTHESES. the first to do so gets a point. If the set of four cards is impossible to use to get 24, you shuffle them back in. This goes on until the deck runs out of cards and whoever has the most points wins. These winners then go on to the Super Bowl of Cardness. There, they try to win to become the champions. As the Super Bowl of Cardness was on, it occured on many occasions that there would be no way to get 24. It started occuring people that it was almost sacrificing the cards. Thus, the chant, "SACRIFICE" shouted many times over and over.


After many students got annoyed with the Sacrifice Chant, one student made a remark that if they were putting the cards back in the deck, it was as if they were rejuvenating the cards, not sacrificing them. Because the deck is where the cards were born. The chant had a short life and only a few students joined in on the chant.

Team Fun Team

There was a group project that everyone had to do one week. There was a group of friends that called themselves Team Fun Team. This chant was chanted by them. They were a group of four boys. It consisted of members Samuel, Ben, Hector, and "founder" Sage.

Team Banana Split

There was another group project everyone had to do in one week. The group of people called themselves team banana but it the task were split so the new name Team Banana Split was born

The Meme Team

The amazing students are: Brent (BrentBTApple) Jaxson KJ Rick Vaughan Ben Samuel Evan Claire Sage Hector Nir Liwen Emily Beth Zach

TA: Katie Cahalan Teacher: Yuqiu Yang

In Loving Memory

Kole was a student that left camp early. It is a shame he left though, as it is a very amazing experience for everyone.

The Future

These are some of the things we said we would become when we grew up.

  • Jaxson

Most likely to be framed for destroying a sandwich

  • Brent

Most likely to Murder an apple(Becky the Apple)

  • KJ

Most likely to be sent to Pernell

  • Sage

Most likely to chant Trump Always Lies.

  • Samuel

Most likely to buy expensive hand sanitizer.

  • Evan

Most likely to get phone confiscated.

  • Nir

Most likely to strangle someone with math.

  • Rick

Most likely ask questions because he falls asleep in class and does not know what is going on.