Matt Lopez

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Not quite Straight savage;

Wake 2016 Term 1 RC. Had the best hall he could have hoped for, with great kids who were all so much more than their "talent." Each offered something unique, and the hall wouldn't have been the same if any one person was missing. William had a great taste in music, and seemed to always have ridiculous things happen to his possessions (frozen hats, etc). Alec had some mad jokes, and was always willing to reach out to others. Matthew really came into himself at TIP (Matt was proud that he found the courage to go after what he wanted). Brice was friendly and energetic, and read some great books. Sourav was a total psychic, and always kept the triangle shallow. PK "stole a kids bae," and could be a great cellist if he keeps it up. Seth could be a great lawyer, but still had time for fun (frog thing was a highlight). James kept it 300, and was intense on the roller chair. Alex is a cool dude in the making; keep reading speculatively. Patrick was calm and collected, and well behaved and funny guy. Rahul was a smooth operator who keeps everything moving and in check. Oscar was a real transatlantic sportsman, who always had something to say. Nick was as intelligent as he was funny, and gave a life to the hall it would never have otherwise had. Matt Was removed from the program during The fall of June 27th

"Make good choices y'all, I mean it. There is a time for most things, but when you're responsible for other people most things need to come after. Y'all have a lot to offer and each one of you makes the world a better place. Keep this in mind when you go to high school."

-L. Trotsky

"We will miss you Matt. Wherever you are, whatever you're doing, you have been and always will be our friend"

-Matt's hall

I'm so sorry. This job meant so much more to me than a paycheck, and all of you mean so much to me. I had a tough time of things when I was your age, and I wanted to give y'all who needed it the support that I had wanted. You are all great, and I am so glad I got to spend the past two weeks with all of you. People are all that matter in this world, and I wish I would have remembered that when I had a choice between doing the job I cared about and doing something that was ultimately shallow. All of you gave me so much; I hope I have given you something you can hold on to.

We will all remember you, Matt.