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Matt Bufford is an instructor at Duke TIP who has taught at several campuses, including, but not limited to, Georgia Tech and Rice University. Matt has taught the classes Ideals in Action: Policy Making on a Global Scale and International Relations: Global Conflicts. Matt is known as being one of the most tolerant and genuinely caring instructors to walk to the face of the planet. He put up with Patrick Grooms for a full three weeks so he's basically a saint.

Georgia Tech Term Two 2018

Matt had the displeasure of teaching the IR class of term two 2018. RIP his soul.

Some key quotes he can remember fondly include: "Patrick you truly are a radiating beacon of heterosexuality", "the belt and road is how" "Austria-Hungary is essentially diet Italy", "the closer you get to my face the more I hate Catalonia", "What makes America a nation? Freedom, eagles, and fried butter.", "I've adopted a don't ask just tell policy", and "I tried to do musical theater but it turns out I'm just not that kind of gay."

Matt can also take home memories of the Great Chick-Fil-A Famine of July 2018. TIP admin, also known not-so-fondly as Big TIP, decided to place an embargo on the class's access to the Student Center. The students of the class were rightfully outraged, but not more so than their righteous instructor who fought for their human rights to chicken. RIP not only fourth year privileges, but also the many chicken sandwiches which could have found their rightful homes in the stomachs of hungry TIPsters.