Matthew ferguson

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family info

born feb 13, 1998 in bakersfield hospital, bakersfield, CA. father is a marine. brother, by Matthew's accounts, is a dork and insane. mother is a stay at home mom.

life style

Matthew enjoys sleeping in until noon, doing nothing during the hotter hours of the day, and then partying once the sun goes down. he leads an easy life style. Matthew has many friends, and has had many girlfriends as well. at duke tip davidson in 2011 term 1, his date to the dance ended up his girlfriend. but because his dad is a marine, he never gets to stay at a place for over 4 years.

popular nicknames

  1. Fergie
  2. California
  3. Matty

interesting facts

Matthew is related to al Capone. His great great great grandma had to flee italy because her husband had to kill her in order to prove himself to the italian Mob. He told me that he likes girls who aren't too shy, but aren't always wanting to be the center of attention. they also should have a nice personality and not be all shallow. he is a sensitive guy who isn't afraid to show it around girls he cares about.

summing it up

these are the basics of matthew ferguson. if you want to learn more, ask him about himself on facebook!!