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  • 2016: Wake Forest, Term 1 (Spoken Word)
  • 2017: Georgia Tech, Term 1 (Social Psychology)
  • 2018: Rice University, Term 1 (Bioethics)


  • A delightful person, though she does not possess a calf of thicccc proportions like User:Sterrettzilla.
  • She is absolutely great, and I'm so distraught that TIP will end and I won't get to see her. I may have gone to the TIProm with her.
  • Inside Maura is the soul of a wise librarian who lives in the forest and gives you cookies, while comforting you with words like " self-actualized"
  • Literally never wears shoes. She is a free spirit who lets her long hair and skirt flow in the wind as she reads on a park bench in Greece.
  • Mom Friend who is too kind
  • Her favorite word is defenestrate