Max Tse-tung

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Max Tse-Tung is a relative of Mao Tse-Tung and the Communist dictator of Maxico. He is well-liked with the people in his country that like him, and strives for absolute equality. He founded Maxico after beating up the scrublord Democratic president before him. He looks up to Joseph Stalin, Kim Jong-un, Vladimir Lenin and Fidel Castro. He is the inventor of Communism, and actively fights to rid the multiverse of the evils of Democracy.

Early Life

Max was born in a flying buffalo cart in the 9th Dimension. As he flew out, angels came down from the heavens and sang for joy, as cheerleaders exploded and donuts were invented. He founded Apple Incorporated at age 9, and killed Pericles at age 14.

Later Life

As Max is immortal and cannot die, he has a long later life. He fully explored the at age 28, and founded Maxico on Uranus at age 35.