Maya Preston

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Maya Preston
Maya(right) with Marissa Streng
Campus(es) Kansas University(2014), Rice University(2016)
Attended 2014, 2016
Course(s) Debate and Persuasion(2014), Neuropsychology(2016)
RAG(s) Clare's Sweet Treats(KU 2014), Savannah & CO(RU 2016)
Roommate(s) Amira Alani & Caitlyn Phillips(2014), Ashley Parker(2016)
Social Media
1st year Maya(left) and her 1st year relationtip Noah
Maya(left) and her 3rd year relationtip Braden when he asked her to the last dance
Clare's Sweet Treats(KU 2014)
Savannah & Co(RU 2016)



  • On Wednesdays We Wear Pink (KU 2014)
  • Neuropsych Hoes (RU 2016)
  • NorepineFriends (RU 2016)


  • Certified Loser on Red Team for Hootfest (RU 2016)


  • sarcastic af
  • Fan-flipping-tapstic
  • has a contagious laugh
  • is mayo, spreads herself on sandwiches
  • makes greats friendship bracelets/anklets
  • appealing assets
  • can pull man whores
  • very good hairspray sprayer on mirrors
  • has a major RBF
  • super salty
  • loves potatoes, eats them with every TiP meal