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Megan Andrews

Megan was a wonderful RC that attends William and Mary. She is "besties" with Shawn, and they are all always laughing at silly jokes. Megan is best described as a derpy cat because of her undying love for them and her facial expressions. She used to be a TiPster and an ADF'er. She worked at Duke East Term 1 2013 as an RC for 3rd years. She was the only girl RC on the 3rd floor of Alspaugh which created a strong camaraderie amongst the RAG. She has great fashion, and her love of the French is crazy.

So You Like Squirrels?

From day 1, her girls tried to hook her up with Robert. She wasn't really a big supporter of the idea, but then again she wasn't too against it either. Maybe she secretly wanted him... But apparently at their training, they had to go around and say their name and favorite animal. Megan's favorite animal is the squirrel, so after this meeting they were going to who knows where and he walked up behind her and said, "So you like Squirrels?" This became the RAG's slogan and proved that they were destined to be together. At one of the dances during It's the End of the World As We Know It, Megan was lined up behind Robert in the faculty-high-five line. As her FAVORITE kid ((Stefanie Hotchkiss)) ran by, Stef said, "Grab the booty! Grab the booty!!". Apparently Robert heard this and gave Megan a very puzzled, amused look.

the RAG

Megan and Shawn

Megan and Shawn had always been the cutest couple. But at the 2014 East1 Talent Show, Shawn proposed to Megan during a musical number. Now they are getting married at intersession and Rick is officiating