Mel Painter

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Mel Painter was a TiPster for two years at UGA. She took the Brain in 2010 and American Foreign Policy in 2011. Mel was famous her fourth year for not wearing a shirt or joking with her RC about taking off her shirt. This led to the RC group motto: Mel must keep her shirt on at all times, which was said in unison by all of her RC group, Megan's MUCers. Mel and her best friend/snuggle buddy/roommate/partner-in-crime, Margaret Copeland pushed their twin beds together in their dorm, creating what became known throughout Term 1 2011 as Fort Snuggle. It was common to walk down the hall and hear music blasting from Fort Snuggle and to see people congregated both inside(girls) and outside(boys) Fort Snuggle for dance parties during free time. Mel abololished the title of TiP Queen during her fourth year speech due to the increasing amount of drama caused by the title. She is currently in a wonderful relationship with Dillon McDermott. Though it is long distance, they still have a very amazing and perfect relationship.