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I am the author of the dumbest joke ever to go viral. Thirty Years ago my sister and I were telling made up jokes. I was notorious for the inability to create any type of funny joke. With that, I made up this EXACT joke: Two Seals were in a bathtub. One said, "pass the soap". The other said, "what am I, a typewriter?". That's it. My sister laughed as it was the dumbest joke ever. We came to my dad and told him the dumb joke. We kept saying that the answer was obvious. My father was a mathematician so he spent a little while thinking that he seriously did not get the joke but he would one day figure it out. I left my dads house laughing. Approximately five to six years later my daughter was a watching television sitcoms when she uttered "Mom, your joke is on TV". I was like... WHAT? By then, everyone in my family knew this dumb joke. So when I called to tell my sister and my mom that it was on TV we got an additional laugh. I then forgot all about it. After all it was a dumb joke. Then in 2009 I retold the joke to a family friend and continued the silly charade of stating that the answer was obvious. I even told them to go look it up on the computer (not knowing that the joke was even in a computer database of any kind) they came running down the stairs to tell me that it was all over the computer but used slightly different animals etc. I was STUNNED and laughing! Since then I have read that many people have retold this joke, and have even claimed it as their own. I can tell you for certainty that it was ME. Therefore, I have decided to lay claim to where it is due-- THIS is the correct history and let it be known that Duke can say whatever they want about it but the truth is right here safe with me! If anything it should stand as a testament that history can be very flawed (and ever changing) unless it comes from the source itself. Before I read this I thought that the above stupid silly joke should have never been retold by anyone and I would simply be another obscure person in the game of life. I also thought the same about my joke lol! Let it be known that I will now claim it just because I have very little to be remembered by ha!!! I swear to it. Teresa Waite