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Meredith's RC Group (the best RC group) was a group at Trinity in 2016, Term II. They are also called the 'Super Spicy Salty Seahorses.' They had a lot of fun at TiP, and they got 2nd place in an awesome TipSync performance and last place with Team Blue in Tigerfest. The group is credited with the invention of the shoink.


  • Meredith G. - was the RC for this group. She is very sweet and funny and is also the best RC Duke TiP will ever see. Meredith was also called 'Mere', 'Mommy Mere', or even just 'Mom' by the seahorses. She was voted most likely to become a southern belle by the group.
  • Mali - was the group's 'fake RC,' which basically means she was the RC for the group whenever it was Meredith's night off. She is very funny and also enjoys scaring the group. She was voted most likely to be bribed by children.
  • Temel - is hilarious and was voted most likely to create dank memes.
  • Meredith W. - is very outgoing and was voted most likely to own a fanfiction store.
  • Rylee - was in a wheelchair for the last two weeks and was voted most likely to tickle someone to death.
  • Lois - is very hyper and was voted most likely to be the voice actor of a scream in a horror movie.
  • Karen - is antisocial and was voted most likely to be DRAGON behind because sleep.
  • Beth - is the nerd and was voted most likely to have a successful future.
  • Karena - is very nice and was voted most likely to be a running DJ.
  • Isabella - is very annoying and was voted most likely to be a universal model.
  • Sydney - is very outgoing and was voted most likely to shed tears after sleeping in.
  • Sarah - is a little bit scary and was voted most likely to be the Shoink Queen.
  • Ella/Reagan - is also a bit scary and was voted most likely to own a popsicle stand.
  • Emily - is the SWEETEST person and was voted most likely to create an anime.


The RC group got 2nd place at TipSync after an awesome performance of 'I'll Make A Man Out Of You'. The judges loved it and so did the crowd. They got first choice in evening activity for a week as a prize and also awesome buttons.

Their performance consisted of Sydney, Beth, Karena, Isabella, Sarah, and Ella/Reagan as Shang, RC Meredith as the soldier being trained, Rylee as sign-holder, and Temel, Karen, Emily, Meredith W., and Lois as a dragon in the background. The group made the dragon by attaching a dragon head and tail to red tablecloths for an overall awesome effect. The performance started with the dancers (Sydney, Beth, Karena, Isabella, Sarah, and Ella) bossing the soldier (Meredith) and teaching her how to be a man. In the end, Meredith did become a man, and the song ended with a high kick and this weird Chinese bow thing that Sarah taught us.


  • Rylee for being stage manager
  • Beth and Sydney for choreographing (and waking up at 6:30 every morning to do so)
  • Emily for doing the dragon head
  • Karen, Lois, and Temel for doing the dragon tail
  • Karena and Isabella for just doing the little things that the rest of us were too lazy to do
  • Sarah for making us laugh the whole time
  • Meredith W. for moral support the whole time
  • Ella for stepping in to dance even though she didn't want to
  • Mali for cheering us on like a crazy person
  • Meredith G. for doing whatever we told her to do, dealing with us, being the main character, and just being totally awesome in general


The group was on Team Blue for Tigerfest with Ashika's, Josh's, and Alex's groups. They got last place. Meredith G famously said, "You may be last onthe field but you're first in my heart." But we were proud to get last place, as is proved by the fact that we walked all the way back to Prassel chanting, "LAST PLACE! LAST PLACE!!" It's ok, Meredith. We appreciate the thought. Last place did have its benefits. We ended up getting to stay out in the hallways till 11.

Group Nights

  • The first group night, dubbed "TipSync night," the group watched Mulan and ordered pizza and Chik-fil-a. Beth and Sydney also taught the dancers the general blocking for the TiPSync performance, while Emily drew the dragon head and Temel, Lois, and Karen did the dragon tail. Rylee drew the posters which RC Meredith and Beth painted. Most of the group skipped 9-10 free time to work more on the TiPSync project. However, they did more than just work on TiPSync - they bonded. The preparation also helped them do so well in the actual performance.
  • The second group night was their off-campus group night. Although they were originally going to go to the mall, they decided to go to Target instead because Mali said she would come with them if they went to Target. After spending a lot of money, they headed over to Marble Slab Creamery where they got really hyper. They then returned to Prassel 45 minuted later than they were supposed to, still jumping off the walls.
  • The last group night they watched 'Mean Girls,' made buttons, and ate donuts because some people in the group had never ever tried a Boston Creme donut. However, no one really paid attention to the movie. Buttons are more important.


The first step to murder is to have fun and be yourself. Sarah said this, and although we all laughed, we felt bad for her roommate Sydney.

'Kay guys, let's catch Beth a guy. No one really remembers how this started, but we constantly embarrassed Beth by trying to find the perfect guy for her. Finally we chose Oppendorf.

Ryleeeee, stop! Rylee's goal in life seemed to be to kill us all by tickling us to death. Hence her superlative.

We all know this is the real way to ask a guy out. Another Sarah quote, complete with a pose.

Hey, Mom! On the first day, RC Meredith told us that we could call her Mommy Meredith if we wanted. We all thought that was weird until one day Meredith W. called her Mom on accident. See above for the many variations we invented.

We need a sign. The glass lounge at the end of the first floor hallway was reserved for RCs unless your RC gave you special permission to be in there. Needless to say, whenever we wanted to hang out, we went to Meredith and asked her for a sign we could tape to the door.

Shoink This is our signature dance move. Sarah made it up.

Hug. Need I say more??