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Microeconomics at Rice Term 1 2018

Instructor- Daniel/Dan the Man/Danford


  • Believes chopping buttons is the answer
  • Has only ever gotten really mad when Lucas spits ice on his plate and when Franklin starts going crazy
  • Encourages gambling and fighting between students
  • "Don't smoke guys"- Max (2018)
  • Created Button stock market


  • Sid
  • Brian
  • Blade
  • Lauren
  • Isaac
  • Lucas
  • Daniel
  • Franklin/Ezekiel?
  • Drew
  • Nik
  • Christopher
  • Ben
  • James

Class Inside Jokes

  • Guns and Butter
  • I concur
  • Do you want a scone with that?
  • How's the weather over there?
  • Physical touch is bullying
  • Bully PSA
  • Spilling drinks at lunch
  • Putting salt in drinks at lunch
  • Lucas spitting ice on his plate at lunch
  • Seniority
  • Lead Fertilizer
  • Spilk is a derogatory term, it's Mprite
  • She's a witch! She turned me into a newt!
  • Happy Birthday Isaac!
  • Is this loss?
  • They're turning the frogs gay!
  • I took the surface road less traveled
  • The Lord’s Hanger