Mikoo's Disney Divas

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Mikaela's (Mikoo's) RC group at New College Term One 2012.


Mikoo's Disney Divas are a group of 8 girls and their sister Mikoo who considered each other family. They stuck together so much that they all headed to breakfast together every single morning and had a theme song. Speaking of this theme song, they managed to sing it everywhere they went. And I mean everywhere. The Disney Divas were known for being "That Group" for singing loudly in the cafeteria, looking at people intently and then screaming, smashing apples into the ground, partying hard at the dances, chanting "das lied der deutschen!" at TIPlymics, having drinking water competitions, talking incessantly about a beach house in Alabama, CUPCAKES, miserably failing at ordering pizza, accidentally getting spraypaint on Z Amphitheater, and being the sole founders of Tamism.


  • Mikoo

RC~ The big sister, also known as Mama Mikoo by the girls in her RC Group. "Sorority squat!"

  • Tami

Took That's Debatable~ Only known member to have a religion named after her. Also a really good dancer! "Gosh Tami!"

  • Shannon

Took Pure Math~ Probably the craziest one in the group. "Awkward Shannon Stare"

  • Faith

Took Creative Writing~ Known by looking at her phone and laughing mysteriously. Also for her random comments. "What are you? A doctor?"

  • Jessica

Took Web App Development~ Confessed Potter addict. "How many trees make up a forest?" "Two."

  • Zoe

Took Intro to Lab Sciences~ HAS BEAUTIMOUS HAIR. The quietest one in the group. "WE'VE LEFT ZOE AGAIN!"

  • Carly

Took Creative Writing~ Loudest one in the group, and pretty strange too. "Piano Man, If I Had a Hammer, and YAY!"

  • Sophia

Took Myths and Legends~ Known for the strangeness of her music and first created the idea of Tamism. "I'm not a vampire!"

  • Anabell

Took Frogs Bogs and Pollywogs~ The nicest one in the group. "You're going to be a philanthropist one day!"

Always sisters <3

In 2013, Shannon and Jessica went to Duke East Term II together and had a llovely time as second years. They are looking forward to all of the Disney Divas eventually joining them at that campus <3