Miles Alexander Roberson-Eisenberg

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A pikachu owned by Amber Roberson, Miles Alexander Roberson-Eisenberg came to be around the middle of Duke East Term I 2010. A few bored (and overheated) 2nd years stuck on the third floor of Alspaugh named the illustrious Pokemon after his "parents", Amber Roberson and Rachel Eisenberg. The poor thing suffered much abuse at the hands of many of Amber and Rachel's RAGmates, particularly Avery Owings (the priest that baptized him into the church of The Flying Spaghetti Monster, much to Rachel's dismay) and Maureen "Kelly" Williams. Assaults included casually tossing Miles from Avery to Amber's bed, oftentimes causing him to hit objects such as the fan or um THE FLOOR and tying him to the radiator and "graping" him a la The Whitest Kids U Know.