Milk incident

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Milk Incident

The Milk Incident is a current occurrence at Wake Forest University, as of June 2016. The Milk Incident is an occurrence where a cup of nasty, old spoiled milk is found in unexplainable locations. Located largely on the third floor of the dorms, the Incident began to terrify the people, particularly when the Milk was accidentally poured all over the floor in the kitchen. The areas touched by the Milk are considered cursed, and have raised several questions.


The Milk Incident began on June 21, 2016 when a cup of disgusting, somewhat curdled milk with unidentifiable brown spots in it was mysteriously found in the C hall refrigerator of the dorm of Wake Forest University. The appearance of the milk caused some slight concern, as nobody truly knows how it got there that first night.

The First Incident

The First Incident was the first set of occurrences involving The Milk. Discovered first by TIPster Alex Lafortune, it raised some concern as he told fellow hall mates James, Patrick, Sourav, and Kevin. After an initial small spill from the cup caused some panic. However, the area was quarantined and cleaned, and was not of much concern. However, the Milk suspiciously disappeared immediately after this. After several minutes, the Milk Cup had not been found. James began to conduct a search for the culprit, suspected of moving the Milk. However, the search proved unfruitful, and the milk was later rediscovered by Patrick in a cupboard. The Milk was then spilled by Patrick in his fright, spilling all over the kitchen floor. Nearly half the Milk was gone in that incident. Those areas were eventually cleaned by Patrick, although the curse remains to this day. In all the confusion, the Milk vanished again. After several more minutes of fruitless searching, the Milk was rediscovered and nearly disposed of by Alex. However, Kevin accidentally spilled the milk all over the sink. The Milk was washed away as best possible, although not all of it was truly eliminated. In all the chaos, the now-empty cup again vanished.

The Second Incident

The Second Incident occurred the following night, when the same cup was found refilled in a nearby cupboard. This time, the Milk was disposed of quickly, and no (major) problems occurred.

The Third Incident

The Third Incident is the third appearance of the Milk. This time, the Milk was sighted twice in the span of mere seconds, leading to some speculation that there are multiple Milks. The Milk was rapidly disposed of and has not been seen since

Conspiracy theories

After the terror caused- and still being caused- by the Milk, some conspiracy theories have come up. These are:

  • The Mover
    • The Mover is theorized to be the one moving the Milk. Nobody has seen the movement of the cup, and yet it changes places relatively consistently. The Mover is not theorized to be one of those closely involved, and is most likely an outside force. Whether that means another TIPster or something else altogether.
  • The Milk itself
    • Some people believe that there was no outside involvement on the Milk, and that it acted itself. The Milk could have been the force behind moving from place to place, with no outside assistance.
  • Second coming
    • SOME (one) people have theorized that the unslayable Milk is actually the second coming of Jesus. Whoever thought of this one was either a genius or a complete idiot.


In the aftermath of the First Incident, the terror died down, and things returned to normal (mostly). The Milk stain on the sink where it was finally disposed of is still present, and the cup that held the Milk vanished. Whether that means someone moving it or something else entirely is to be determined.


The ground struck by the Milk during the First Incident is considered cursed. It is in the exact center of the kitchen in the right-hand hall on the top floor of Collins Hall at Wake Forest. If you enter this kitchen for any reason, DO NOT TOUCH THIS SPOT AT ALL COSTS. It is cursed and none of us need a repeat of the Incident, so just don't.