Mira Thakur

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Mira Thakur, also known as Mira Thotkur to many of her friends, did he first year at Davidson Term 2 and the next three at Duke East where she met some of her best friends in the world and had the time of her life. After 3rd year (during which she took CTA), her close friend Tyler Donovan passed down the tradition of FMT to Mira, who freaking rocked the red lipstick. On the last night, she met Lucy de Lande Long, and even though they didn't know it, the amazing friendship between the moms was about to make both their experiences 100x times more memorable.

Her fourth year, Mira took IR with some of her best friends (Liz Stern, Mckenzie Mchugh, Jack Trahan, Gabe Deng etc.) and had an amazing experience in and out of class. She had a relationtip with Jacob Gilleland, the brother of the FMT two years ago. With the help of some makeup removers, these two had some fun times... often accompanied by Lucy & Bryant and other various couples in the friend group. She was one of the best FMTs Duke East T2 has ever seen and definitely one of the best friends anyone who had the pleasure of being close to her. This girl seriously rocked the red lipstick and tbh looks naked without it now. But she will always be FMT in our hearts. She passed the beloved tradition to close friend Mck who is going to freaking kill it. Mostttt people who know her have so so much love for Mira. She's fr left her legacy here - an amazing FMT, a member of HOES, a key part of OG and a really crazy & great hecking friend.