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Miriam Shams-Rainey is kind-of, sort-of, occasionally a really rad TiPster who attended East Term 1 for her second, third, and fourth years. She did not have a first year and thus was adamant for all of her fourth year that she was only making up for lost time and thus had another year of TiP left. She was a part of the legendary 2015 Revolution and Terror: Controversial Politics class, the 2016 Writing to Change the World class (that is probably responsible for the class not coming back in 2017), and the extra-as-all-hell, exceedingly emotional class. She was in possession of the Clockwork Hat relic that originated in her second year class for the duration of her fourth year, having received it from Haylee Peters. She passed this relic down to , thereby continuing a tradition of Clockwork Goddesses. Her fourth year, she was a part of Alex's Struggle Squad, the undisputed best RAG of her term.

Notable Achievements

  • being a part of the "fight me" RAG her second year
  • adopting a first-year third-year her third year
  • photographing literally every moment of her third year (probably at least a third of the 2016 East T1 slideshow is comprised of her photos)
  • keeping the 2017 East T1 fourth years updated on,,, literally everything
  • breaking everyone who read or listened to her Spoken Word slam poem
  • playing violin in the 2017 performance of "Home"
  • explaining the origins of the Clockwork Hat whenever prompted (or not prompted but fitting)
  • basically being in a relationTiP with Hillary Dong (except it was totally platonic and they're just extremely codependent) and giving her consistent strife for six weeks
  • naming her dog after Susan B. Anthony and loving Susan B. more than her cat, Rani
  • dying her hair with henna (read: drugs) during Sunday morning free time her first week of fourth year
  • thinking blueberries are olives
  • having an extensive knowledge of East T1 traditions at the ready at all times
  • coining the term "Book of Sadness"
  • being extremely proud of her Instagram feed finally having a theme
  • having a lot of TIPunions almost immediately after term

RAG and Class Superlatives

2015: ??? (hi so Hillary is creating this and wasn't at TiP second year so I have no clue sorry)

2016: most likely to have unfortunate candids of you (class)/most mom friend (RAG)

2017: most likely to start a cuddle puddle (class)/most likely to kind of do something sometimes (RAG)

4th Year Will

I, Miriam Shams-Rainey, of sleepy mind and miniature body, hereby bequeath the following: To the 2016 Writing to Change the World class, I will you a captured plant and a bizarre amount of candid photos. To my babes from the Cup-Kates 2015 and Kiara’s RAG 2016, I give hallway hangouts and cuddle puddles. To the Struggle Squad, I kind of sort of give a lot of qualifiers, constant questions about your days, and lots of shrugging. To my Spoken Word potatoes, I give some bees, the ability to meet for a countdown on time, and far too many emotions. To Lizzie, oranges and a place to stay when you finally make your way to Dallas to visit. To Emily, I bequeath a million days of leaving for breakfast on time, Crystal Lite, and an umbrella. To Hillary, an obscene amount of cough drops, recycled stories, and tiramisu. To Alexandria, some makeup remover (girl, stop wearing makeup to bed!!) To Alexis, watermelon room spray and my laptop positioning skills. To Taylor and Talley, poetry slam trips and jokes about your school. To Lara, a single leaf from outside the Marketplace. To Louise, rain dances and a lot of hugging. To Mac and Lily, snuggles during breaks and my awe of your writing skills. To Kiri, Noah, and Soren, the numbers 21, 22, and 23, respectively, and post-lunch hangouts. To everyone I haven’t been able to mention, staff and students alike, thank you for making TIP my home these three years.