Miss Tip 2019

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Miss TiP 2019

The Beginning: It all started with a joke between two 2nd years, Elisabeth Miller and Caroline Gordon in microeconomics. They were discussing old traditions at TiP the day before Wear What You Want Wednesday and brought up The Miss TiP Pageant from the 80s. They thought it might be a good idea to try and restart the tradition. So the next day on wear what you want Wednesday Elisabeth Miller and Caroline Gordon decided to actually do a Miss TiP pageant 2019.

Miss Tip 2019

The Miss TiP pageant took place on June 19th at 4:15 on the Baldwin Steps. Anyone was welcome to join the competition. The guys went first, taking turns walking down the pavement and explaining why they should be the next Miss Tip. Alex won the competition and the Miss Tip Crown and Title with Ethan placing in second. Next the ladies went and walked and explained why they should win the Mr. Tip title. While there where many good candidates, Emma Peters won the The Frat Boy Beanie and Lillian placed in second.

After the Challenge

So after the Miss TiP Pageant took place Josephine posted a tik tok of the competition and it went viral, thank you so much for recording it, http://vm.tiktok.com/RJDWbn/ , currently as this is posted it has 170,000 likes, we will see how big it gets.

Note to Fellow Tipsters

Please please please help us continue this tradition. We can get a bigger turnout next year if we try. Until mine, Caroline, and Elisabeths' 4th yr we will continue to lead the pageant but we will need others help to do so and to keep the lore alive after. Please share the story and participate next year. Thank you to all that came and supported the pageant.

Judges of 2019: Caroline, Elisabeth, Andrew, Zoe, Kate, and more!

Contestants of 2019 Ethan, Alex, Kyle, Luka, and more, add your name if it was you

Winners of 2019: Alex- Miss TiP Emma Peters- Mr. TiP

Prizes: The Miss TiP crown and The Frat Boy Beanie

Please tipsters if you have photos or videos ADD THEM, if you want to add names or credits please do, I will continue to edit and add more details to the story. Let’s make this tradition grow! -caroline