Mitch's Room

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Mitch's room was rather unimpressive as a room; however, it was the subject of an inside joke for Christina's RAG. Eveything that possibly could sound dirty was followed by these iconic words:

"All night. Last night. In Mitch's room."

Nobody was ever really sure why poor Mitch was selected to be the person whose room contained a ridiculous amount of hypothetical promiscuous behaviour, but it probably had something to do with John Michael, his roommate, and his "hot body".

Like many other inside jokes of Christina and Andrew's RAGs, this one got rather out of control, and disintegrated into unTiPpropriate conversations about exactly what was going on in Mitch's room, and who was holding the camera. These were pretty much always instigated by Zach.

This phrase was mostly used to torment Alethia.