Mithun Mahesh

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Mithun Mahesh the Eating Legend

Mithun Mahesh, a tipster from 2019 term 2 will not back away from any eating challenge. From eating 10 bowls of Jello to stuffing 4 brownies in his mouth at once, he is a eating god. He will legitimately eat anything as long as he won't die. He has drank over 5 suicides and has not thrown up yet. In fact he did so many eating challenges and drank so many weird drinks that Duke Tip literally banned all eating challenges and all suicides.

Near death experience

One day in order to attempt to make Mithun throw up, the rest of his classmates decided to make mystery drinks. On of them containing 1/8 of the cup had chocolate milk, half a bottle of hot sauce, 13 grams of salt, and sierra mist. Mithun proceeded to barely drink the drink and was called stupid and idiotic for drinking the drink(which he was). He later found out that a lethal intake of salt was 10 grams and realized he was at risk of dying. However, because he is himself, he didn't even get sick.

List of Mithun's Biggest Achievements

-Eating 5 bowls of Jello at once

-Fitting four brownies in his mouth at once

-Drinking a complete suicide(with hot sauce and coffee)

-Eating 4 cookies at once

-Eating one bowl of jello in under 4 seconds

-Eating a Mini Vermonster( Ben and Jerry's) in under 5 minutes

-Almost dying from Sodium Poisoning

Mithun achieved Social Butterfly status July 24, 2019