Mock Trial (Davidson)

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Term Two 2012

  • the eye of seclusion
  • I'm a banana
  • Hokey Pokey
  • fish
  • happy land murderers
  • michel does game

Term Two 2018

  • Sacrifice
  • Dylanson is the otp
  • Tree police
  • Nick smells bad
  • Willexis Forever
  • Keeping it groovy
  • What are you gonna do with an English major?
  • Psychology is a suedoscience
  • Garlic Bread!!!
  • Angelaaaaaaaaa (our best friend)
  • Captain Scooooooooooter!!!!!!!!!!! (our other best friend)
  • Face made out of faces hanging from the celing
  • No one can agree on a tshirt design ffs
  • Mr. Gordon threatening to get the car in a car crash cuz Nick wasn't wearing his seatbelt.
  • "You guys are the best of the best - the brightest of the brightest?... Our future is screwed..." - Mr. Gordon