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In 2016 Term 2, at Rice University, Xander Garanzuay attended the Engineering Problem Solving class. While the class consisted of, strangely, too much life science and coding, the people were amazing. The class only had three fourth years in it, in which two were boys and only one was a girl. Xander, being the eldest girl, took on the role of mom and cared after the younger Tipsters. She counted them when they went on long walks, let them stay in their dorm at night, and bandaged them up. One day, when Xander was covering Matthew's head from the rain, he came up and coined the term 'Momma Duck'. From then on Xander and the other Tipsters called her Momma Duck and she was honored to be the mom figure in their Tip year. On the last day, Matthew, Izzie, Bria, Rachel, Ashley, Melanie, and Hannah bought and gave her a shirt from the Student Union that said "Rice Mom'.

Momma Duck Tradition

In the Engineering girl's group chat, Ashley came up with an idea on how to keep the Momma Duck tradition alive. Xander would appoint four Momma ducks that were third years to keep her job going, and four second years to be appointed by the third years on their last year in a ceremony after the talent show. This will continue until the role of a Momma Duck fades out. However, we realized that Izzie could never truly be a Momma duck, so we created a Bab y Duck. Someone who will always need a Momma Duck guide at Tip and once they graduate from Tip will appoint a 2nd year to be the new Baby Duck.

List Of Momma Ducks

Momma Duck 2016

  • Xander Garanzuay

Momma Duck 2017

List Of Baby Ducks

Baby Duck 2016-2018

  • Izzie