Monaco's Exciting Grand Prix

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The Monte Carlo Monaco Grand Prix Race is part of the F1 championship and is run on a comparatively narrow path through the streets of Monaco. The race has ran ever since 1929, and is known as by lots of people to be among the most esteemed of all auto races; along with the Le Mans twenty four hours and the Indianapolis 500 race.
The Monte carlo monaco Grand Prix is known to be the most strenuous and challenging; demanding the slowest average velocities in the championship. There is a tunnel passageway and many very restrictive crevices and also changes in elevation that add to the pressure and peril of the event. The FIA has a mandated minimum event distance of 305 km, and the Monte Carlo Monaco Grand Prix Event is the solitary event that does not comply with this.
The first Monaco motor event in 1929 was won in a Bugatti 35B driven by William Grover-Williams, (founder of Williams racing) and was an element of the European Championships. In 1950 the event was included in the initial Formula event world championship.
Uk racing car driver Mr Graham Hill was given the handle "Mr Monaco " after he triumphed in the race 5 times in the 60s.The late Ayrton Senna is the car driver with most wins on the course, with half a dozen wins; five of them consecutively starting 1989 to 93. German Michael Schumacher later equaled Graham Hill's 5 wins; after triumphs in 1994, 95, 97, 99 and 2001. Alain Prost was four times winner on the Monaco circuit in the 1980s, while British drivers Stirling Moss and Jackie Stewart both won three times apiece.
McLaren are the contractor with most triumphs; with an outstanding 15 triumphs inside 1984 and 2008, pursued by Ferrari with nine victories starting 1952 - 2001, and Lotus who triumphed seven times during 1960 and 87.
Controversy abounded in the Monte Carlo Grand Prix in 2012; first off with German michael Schumacher being stripped off pole position due to penalties incurred in the last Grand Prix in Barcelona, and then British racer Lewis Hamilton complained greatly about rubble and rubbish being dumped from the pit wall as he was driving past on his way to fifth spot. He placed the blame on the pit crew that place the boards over the racetrack; exclaiming that several slips dumped out and hit his crash helmet as he went by, not a single time but quite a lot of times.
The Monaco Grand Prix race covers 78 laps of a 3340 kilometre course, with an overall event distance of 260,520 kilometres. The lap track record of 1:14.439 is owned by German Michael Schumacher since 2004.
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