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            The RC group you wish you were in . . .
                    The Monicats

Claire "The Carebear" Constantino: Most Potsie

Meghan "Eat Sexy" Dwyer: Most likely to dance circles around you

Becki "Goodtimes" Feinglos: Nicest person in the world ever . . . no seriously, she's really friendly . . .

Alison "The Twista" Freedman: Worst person to run into during a swordfight

Lana "The Songbird" Hompluem: Most beautiful voice

Elisha "High Roller" Hwang: Most likely to win big

Kimmy "The Diva" Levitt: Best celibate mistress of the mafioso

Jordan "JMaz Maze": Mightiest music peddler

Kristin "The Vermonstenator" Person: Best President of the Eric McNatt Fan Club

Nola "I Wana be Nola" Seta: Most likely to be on the cover of Vouge

Elizabeth "Handcuffs" Tsai: Prettiest smile in school

Esther "My Love" Wallace: Hottest Harry Potter connoisseur

Monica "That's Awesome" Lemmond: Most experienced TIPster . . . EVER.

The fourth - year girls RAG of Monica "Monicasorous" Lemmond, it was comprised of 13 of the most opposite people in exisistence -- two members of the Foxy Four, a professional swordfighter, a few very crazy people, an SNL star in the making, two somewhat normal souls, a very decidedly hot Harry Potter connoisseur, and some beautiful Asians formed the most awesome RAG at East '05. Part of the mystery surrounding the escapades of the Monicats was the fact that though half of them were about as opposite as anyone could get, the whole RAG got along splendidly. Below are a few of the many incidents the Monicats added to TIPlore:

~Pretending to be in danger of being expelled from TIP, while secretly partying in the office with the RC's.

~Getting eight copies of Harry Potter before any TIPster on campus, and torturing the less fortunate with tantalising hints and spoilers about the lastest Potter tome.

~ Loudly toasting the legendary "Eric McNatt" evrey night at dinner.

~ Singing the apparently annoying "Monicasorous" song before going to dinner every night.

~ Glaring at and attemting to insult OSCar the Grouch every time she prowled their floor.

Monicats Quotes:

"I think handcuffs are kinky"

" That's weirder than webbed feet."


"I'm not alone . . . in my shirt!"

" Monicats, count off!"

" Back when I was a third year TIPster . . ."

"Monica, if Eric wasn't gay, you two would totally hook up."