Morgan's Coconut Cult

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Morgan's Coconut Cult is the nickname of Morgan's RAG at Duke West 2013 Term 1. This name was derived from a song taught to the group by a member - Devin - during a moment of extreme boredom. The song, a tale of a mentally ill coconut, goes as follows:

"I'm a little coconut
Sitting under a coconut tree
Everybody steps on me
That's why I'm a nut you see
I'm a nut
*click click*
In a hut
*click click*

In hindsight, Devin claims to regret the introduction of the song to the RAG; however, it gained the group some of their best and longest-lasting memories. The tune, repeating over and over again in a progressively faster tempo, was known for annoying other TIPsters - along with the group's occasional, loud renditions of "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" and the Alphabet. The RAG was also known for it's idolization of Parth and an impulsively-bought, forty-dollar tree/troll puppet by the name of Garfunkle.


The members of this RAG totaled twelve, all of which were second-year girls. Morgan, the RC/cult leader/fairy godmother of the group, kept the TIPsters entertained and well-behaved (for the most part ;) ). The cult included:

  • Devin - Most likely to start a cult
  • Eloise - Most likely to be complimented on her pecks
  • Emma Taylor - Most likely to start the TIPsterhood of the Traveling Hat
  • Emma Tucker - Most likely to become an anti-comedian
  • Emily - Most likely to become a lemur
  • Erica - Most likely to become a hairdresser for David Hasselhoff
  • Jacey - Most likely to become an Indian dance teacher
  • Kate - Most likely to become the Dictator of Soviet Russia
  • Katie - Most likely to have EPIC fails (372 and counting)
  • Maddie - Most likely to create an Asian armada
  • Rachel - Most likely to develop an acute fear of Frisbees
  • Rebecca - Most likely to become a gangsta
  • Morgan - Most likely to impersonate Rick Astley