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Morgan's RAG 2012 Term 1 This was Morgan's first time as an RC and all of us can say that she did the best job. We had the most fun out of all of the RAGs, especially at meetings. Our door theme were rock stars. This might be a little short but I promise I will come back and edit it when I get inspired.


  • Ella-She was most likely to be emotionally scarred by a cockroach in her shoe. The second week a cockroach bit her and her eye swelled up. She also plays a ukulele.
  • Taylor-She was the politest and sweetest out of all of us. She always called Morgan Miss. Morgan while the rest of us just called her Morgan. She was most likely to be polite.
  • Sarah-She was just awesome. She's very athletic but super sweet. She also has a very good singing voice. She was most likely to ask ALOT of questions
  • Ava-Probably the most lively out of all of us. She would never hang out with us during free time and was always the one who was the latest to dinner. She was a social butterfly. She was most likely to make weird noises.
  • Alyson-She was cool. She had an awesome voice and sang "Payphone" at the talent show because Anisa made a bargain with her. She would always sing to the radio.
  • Suruchi-Amazing person. Had a thing with Vir. She was most likely to find a cure for cancer
  • Sophie-She was a lovely person. Ran almost every day of the term. Most likely to take three showers in twelve hours.
  • Maddie-She had a personality! Serenaded Anisa with a ukulele while she was in the shower. (There was some traffic)
  • Tracy-She was the earliest out of all of us to get to dinner. Tracy, Alyson, and Anisa had a competition the second week to see who could make it to the RAG meeting first. She was also really good at pool even though she claims she had never played before. She was most likely to be a pool legend
  • Anisa-She was the sister of the legendary Haroon. She had skipped the first two dances. She made a bargain with Alyson that if she broke it down at the last dance, then Alyson would have to sing at the talent show. Alyson proudly took that bet. She also got serenaded by Maddie outside the shower. She was most likely to abnormally eat a pancake. She also showed Alyson a long, heartfelt, loving and depressing poem on the last day.
  • Alice(Arisu)-She was an amazing drawer. She was most likely to be an anime artist. Alice hung her drawing of a unicorn (which was really amazing) all over Kilgo. She was also known to design Bennett's hair with Alyson. She had the most epic costume at the Neon Vs. Camo dance. She dressed up as the grim reaper and just stood outside dance circles. It scared Cynthia to death.
  • AB-She was most likely to vote for JAG as president. She would put "Vote for JAG" everywhere. Enough said.

Our not so Adventurous Adventures

After the first few days of getting to know each other, the real fun began at dinner. One girl asked,"Morgan how old are you?" and she refused to tell us. This turned into a game of us trying to guess her age. Morgan finally told us how old she was on the last night. Want me to tell you? Too bad. You'll have to find out for yourself. We also started asking Morgan which RC she liked. She didn't tell us, so we assumed it was Jacob. Our RAG from then on, turned into the RAG that taunted their RC about other RCs. Someone even wrote Jacob, Stephen, and Cameron all over her board one time and Alyson spotted Jacob looking at Morgan's board on her way to shower. Katie's RAG even joined in on the teasing. One time, at a joint RAG meeting we started to loudly chant Stephen repeatedly. Actually at every joint RAG meeting we would tease Morgan about a guy RC (Mostly Stephen and Jacob). Other guy RCs we thought Morgan liked were Kyle, Cameron, and Melik. It was confirmed Morgan didn't like Cameron during the last RAG night. There would be many times Morgan would try to turn it on us and tease us about guys we were with, but she was outnumbered. Ava actually sent a text to all the guys in Stephen's group saying that Morgan and Stephen were madly in love and were going to get married in Vegas, so the campus came to know what our RAG was teasing Morgan about. Mission accomplished. After the last dance, Morgan confirmed that she did in fact like an RC at West. When we asked who she said something like,"I threw you guys a bone. I'm not going to tell you." Currently, we are still trying to figure out who this "mystery man" is over facebook. Most of us think it's Kyle, but I guess we'll never know. ****UPDATE**** It's been what five months and she still hasn't told us. Morgan, if you're reading this, TELL USSSSSSSS!


Every night at dinner Morgan would get us ice cream. It was mandatory since the Great Hall food was atrocious. She changed her superlative in the termbook to most likely to make us eat ice cream at dinner (or something along those lines) but unfortunately for her, the termbook didn't agree with her and printed the original superlative, "Most likely to lie about her age and date everyone on staff" on our RC group page.