Mr. Dr. Professor Lord Matthew Huffman

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Mr. Dr. Professor Lord Matthew Huffman Esquire III was the TA for Nuclear Science at Duke West Term 1. He is a very sad man, but a god all the same. His jokes made in his monotone voice are the epitome of comedy. Some of his best quotes are the following:

  • "Hi, I'm your TA, Matthew. You can't hate me more than I hate myself."
  • "Trey don't focus on your paper too much, it might think you're too clingy"
  • "This is going to be a dry topic because I'm a dry person"
  • "The only creative messes I can think of are all my highschool relationships"
  • "Can I teach you a life lesson? It's not about how thicc the topsoil is, it's about the GIRTH"
  • "We will not stand for more fun than a 3/10 at this camp"
  • "I could win an easy Nobel like the peace prize"
  • "Fluorine just really wants to get with everything, just like my ex"
  • "I don't play fortnite. I have dignity"
  • *to roshen, who was to leave during dinner* ”I gave you a hug, and how do you repay me? HOW DO YOU REPAY ME?? BY COMING TO EVENING STUDY!”