Mr Nasty

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Mr Nasty was the rubber squeeze ball used during discussions in That's Debatable 2014 term 2. He was originally supposed to look like a very round dog. One day he was taken outside and played with, becoming so dirty that he was no longer usable. The class moved on to a different squeeze ball, which was popped by Josie after about a week of use. The discussion was continued with the Mr Nasty. TA Kevin Pabst first named Mr Nasty after the second ball was popped. His exact words were "For now, we'll just have to use Mr Nasty". Mr nasty grew increasingly disgusting, as he became covered in the girls' hair. He grew so filthy that, after a certain point, Quillin refused to touch Mr Nasty at all. But Mr Nasty wasn't only dirty but was also so sticky that, when thrown at a wall by Josie, he stuck for about 8 seconds. Mr Nasty was later washed, which got rid of most of the dirt, but did nothing to decrease his stickiness. Kevin purchased another squeeze ball, but Daniel popped it, and the class went back to Mr Nasty.