Mystery Science Theater 3000

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Mystery Science Theater 3000 (MST3K) is cult television show that ran from 1988 to 1999. The show is about a guy who is being held hostage by a mad scientist that forces him to watch horrible movies in an attempt to melt his brain. To help him retain his sanity he creates an array of robots to make witty comments throughout the movies. These can make the worst of movies funny; however, certain episodes are more entertaining than others.


MST3K was mandatory fun at University of Georgia during term II, 2010. It occurred twice, once during the second week and an encore for the last day of activities. The first time it was shown was Pumaman, an Italian produced movie about a superhero named Pumaman who supposedly has all the powers of a puma. The people who went to the first activity didn't know what to expect (other than one or two people who knew of the show) and were pleasantly surprised to find it hilarious. A number of the jokes from the movie were repeated afterwords, and most of everyone who went talked about how good it was. Some of the jokes were:

  • I am a wood sprite.
  • His ability to sense danger
  • Jokes about his powers in general

Because of the massive success of the first showing of MST3K, the encore presentation was set up. Sadly, the second instance of the show was an episode called The Final Sacrifice, which was not even close to as funny. Everyone who went to the first to Pumaman were massively disappointed and the new members of the activity were confused about why there had been so much talk. The Final Sacrifice is a Canadian action film about a 14 year-old boy and an old guy with a mullet attempting to shut down an ancient cult trying to take over the world. At the very least, the villain was convincing. However, the jokes were not as funny and generally involved the commentators making the boy look like a wimp or call the older one Rowsdower.