Myths and Legends (cl2014ASU2)

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Most likely to...

  • MJ
    • Be stalked when talking to a boy (#SHIPPING!)
  • Elizabeth
    • Be a Disney Villain (POOR UNFORTUNATE SOULS...)
  • Bridget
    • Say "This is stupid" (and shut up)
  • Ellery
    • Play with bubbles (My bubble!)
  • Gabriella
    • Reference an Eminem song (RAPGOD!)
  • Maddie
    • Have no superlative (#mysterygirl...)
  • Elise
    • Be barefoot (because shoes are for squares)
  • Riley
    • Deny the charge of stalking Cole-J
  • Sarah
    • Have two different shoelaces (#Neonlife)
  • Divya
    • Agree (sure, whatever)
  • Mia
    • Trip over her own feet (Huh? There are feet down there?)
  • Morgan
    • Be buried in a sketchbook (#brohoof)
  • Teddy
    • Add ligers to a story (Improve it!)
  • Owen
    • Be a parkour (BE THE WALL!!!)
  • Jeylen
    • Complain about traumatic ice cream homicide
  • Marcel
    • Be a shell without shoes on (I am not truffles)
  • Nick
    • Be the anti-wikipedia (Ferrari was named after a horse)
  • Amelia
    • Be the only cat in a group of Corgis (#oatmealio #lonelycat)
  • Meg
    • Think that literary theory is a bomb

Myths and Legends Class at Davidson, Term 1, 2018

It was taught by Instructor Cooper Cassale (aka casserole). In it, Tipsters read Native American, Buddhist, and Greek tales. Casserole also showed us Black Panther and Star Trek, and we spent an entire class listening to and analyzing Beyonce's Lemonade album, for some reason.

Tipsters taking this class included Miriam, Giovanni, Adrian, Olivia, Lindsey, Olivia again, Stanley, David, Cole, and others. I have to check my termbook.