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term 2

Professor Mark Harvey

TA Mark Donaldson

The most amazing class ever...yes it's true. We spread love throughout the land! YES! Anyone at KU Term II will remember forever Kyle's famous "I Love the Poor" speech and Sam's "Send Our Women To Iraq." Who will forget the trips through Watson's stacks or the Evil Empire of Love's famous sweaty walks back? Don't forget Bridget who thought many of Saddam's actions were justified or Anh-Ton who wanted to bomb the world with hot chocolate! Remember that *refreshing* walk to class and all those *fun* steps and the mint choclate chip soft serve at every meal? Or our incredible Love Circles when we learned so much about life? Ahhhhh....Tip memories...


Mark D.

Mark H.

Kyle R.

Alex C.

Robert C.

Casey F.

Andrew C.

Christian J.

Meagan W.

Annie W.

Anh-Ton T.

Bridget P.

Andrew M.

Adante S.

Holden V.

Sarah V.

Molly V.

Kai M.

Krish K.

Mitch L.



"That's Mr. Twinkle Toes to you!" -other Mark

"Dark eyes on Russian men...so dreamy" -Molly

"Why don't you acknowledge me?!?" -Kai

"I am NOT fat!" -Holden

"FORM ZE LINES!!!!" -Alex

"Stop insulting the French people! I'm French!" -Mitch

"I don't naturally hate other people." -Annie

"From what I've read, I'm not sure Saddam Hussein was a bad person." -Bridget

"Let's draft all the 12-16 year old girls." -Sam

"Sacagawea was a women of negotiable affection." -Anh-Ton

"Um...if I'm gonna nuke someone..." -Meagan

"My mama told me that these were my magic shoes. She said that they could take me anywhere!" -Casey

"CREPE!" -Robert

"Don't think that you tutoring argument will work this time." -Anh-Ton

"Just so you know, I'm not part of him." -Christian

"No, I think I'll keep my dignity." -Andrew C.

"No aggression what so ever!" -Andrew M.

"N.U.K.E. Oliver Courtyard!" -Krish

"Mrrrrrrrrr" -Kyle

"Like, really, screw the poor." -Kyle

"It would solve the hunger problem if we smoke Turkey." -Mark

"Giving them money is like tutoring them." -Adante

"I wouldn't kill you Mark, I'd keep you on the island for entertainment." -Andrew M.

"I'm a hegemon. I might kill you with an icepick when you're not looking." -Annie