Netra Rastogi

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Netra went to TiP for the first time as a second year at Duke East Term 1. She took Criminal Trial Advocacy, taught by TiP Legend Don C. Donelson III and TA David (the Russian one) along with Haylee Peters. The class had 18 students.

For her first year, Netra was in Caroline's RAG with 11 other girls. Their SuperRAG won second in Tiptionary, which is a huge accomplishment considering they were second years and lived in Pegram Dorm as second years do.

Her roomate as a second year was Olivia Berry.

So far, Netra is not involved in any RelationTiPs and shall forever remain a Single Pringle.

Netra is part of the Indian crew, therefore she is better than you.

In 2015, Netra returned to East Term One, where she was part of Sergeant Erin's RAG (227). Her roommate was the wonderful, amazing, talented, Alexis Gorfine (who totally didn't have any involvement in writing any of this...) She was well known for walking around in her bra, much to the disdain of her RC. Netra took Bach to Rock, where she wrote a creepy song with Katie Hyry called, "Hey Boy."

Lyrics: Hey boy, you look fine. Hey boy, I wanna call you mine.

Hey boy, I've got my eye on you. Hey boy, you haven't got a clue.

Hey boy, do you wanna play tag? Hey boy, can I put your body in a bag?

Hey boy, please don't run. Hey boy, I've got a gun.

Hey boy, I'm outside your window. Hey boy, I see the sweat on your pillow.

Hey boy, you got a nice face. Hey boy, put away that mace.

Hey boy, we should do this again. Hey boy, I wish it never had to end.

Creepy.... Right?!?

When Netra wasn't writing horrifying stalker songs, she was part of the Noot Noot Squad with Sarah Baldino and Peter Gado. With support of RC Samuel, Netra helped choreograph and perform the song, "Sheila Ki Jawani." Before the show, the group yelled: Sarah: "First of all," All: "NO!" Netra: "Second of all," All: "NO!" Peter:"Honey bunches of," All: "NO!"

Unfortunately, due to TiP's strict TIPpropriate standards, the words, "I am too sexy for you," in the song had to be blanked out. RC Samuel, along with a majority of the 3rd years and her friends from Sergeant Erin's Squad 227 screamed, "noot noot" over the word, "sexy" to keep it TIPpropriate. At TIPsync, Netra's group was nominated "Best Choreographed," and they happily received this award, as Samuel happily jumped up and down and maybe even was seen shedding a tear of pride. Although Sarah and Netra were fabulous, Peter was the lead of the dance. He was Sheila, the sexy ass star of the show who was getting too many boys. Peter's ability to shake his hips and caress himself sold it and they were a definite crowd favorite.

Netra also frequently jams out in the hallways, being one of the sounds of TiP. She is an amazing guitar player! She's also obsessed with Supernatural.

Netra's fourth year is sure to be amazing, with her best friends by her side :)