Nick's 15

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Nick's 15 was the name of the legendary RC group of fifteen kids supervised by RC Nick. It featured many legendary kids such as Greg, Perrin, and Greg. One notable event that happened during the three weeks that Nick's 15 was active was the Great Mattress Robbery. Sadly this didn't go as planned and the robbers were threatened with punishment. Also, the group was famous for its many successful and unsuccessful prank calls executed by Vladimir, Mischa, and Kolya.


  • Nick Blount - President, king and demigod of the Wind and Sea Hero to All
  • Jackson "Microdick" Hargroves - Vice-President
  • Andrew "Cuddy" Horkan
  • Jack "Crackie" Emmerich
  • Perrin "Dad" Myerson - Prime Minister & Jewish Lord

Greatest Moments

  • Jonah's constant rapisty laugh
  • When Nick called Tori up to talk to us because Jayan yelled "punish me daddy!"
  • When Daniel got challenged by Tien
  • The Matress Incident
  • Walker's egg getting smashed in his pocket
  • When Jonah learned not all Indians are girls
  • When right after Andrew asked out a girl, we prank called him, pretending to be her father telling him to back off
  • When Alex told us to shut up because of our beautiful singing
  • All the jokes involving Tyler's sister
  • When we tricked each other into putting cups of water on our thumbs, trapping us
  • Everytime the "Space Odyssey Trap Remix was played

Greatest Quotes

  • "Can you get pregnant from masterbation?"- Daniel
  • "Bros before Pigs"
  • "Fucking try it again" -Tian
  • "How can you see if your colorblind" & " Can you hear the difference between red and green"