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Nick Christoffersen is something else. He is fabulous at magic and WORKS AS A MAGICIAN IN A REAL LIVE PLACE. LIKE SERIOUSLY WHAT IS THIS MADNESS? Anyway that is less important because although he is obsessed with grammar, Spanish, magic, and his school with an unnecessarily long name, the reason I chose to make this beautiful page is because I was enlightened and now know exactly what his future is going to be and HE KEEPS TRYING TO DENY IT. KNOW THIS NICK. THE WITCHING LADY HAS DETERMINED YOUR FUTURE. THERE IS NO ESCAPE.

Down to business. Nick is destined to be a professional cat trainer in Las Vegas and will lead his army of cats into battle against people. After he has achieved victory, he will be crowned head of the Cat Army of the United States of America, and will lead our country into battle with jellyfish. He will then be kidnapped and taken to a certain island country where he will become the official magician and grammar Nazi. This is the future. 100% real, yo.

Also, despite Maggie's constant crazies, Nick will not become a male stripper in Las Vegas.

Don't believe all this bs. He's kinda lame