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Nick Michel went to Duke East for three years, term and year unknown. While his TIPster past is unknown to the author of this article, who was told, "I wasn't very good at life back then," upon interviewing the subject, it is universally accepted that Nick Michel, now RC Nick, is a boss.

In 2011 at Duke West terms I and II, Nick, known for wearing epic nerd shirts (including one labeled Green Linen Shirt, which was a reference), was widely loved and appreciated by TiPsters. Since this article was written by a term two TIPster, term one TIPsters who love Nick may have to create a different subheading for their testimonials. Nick was the RC to a second year boys RAG, and their RAG shirt was hot pink with the bold black letters NDP. However, the love for Nick was not solely held by his RAG. Fourth years also had a special place in their hearts for Nick; he would discuss nerd things and general TiP goings-on with them when he passed by their tables at lunch patrol. Nick was also known for stuffing his pockets with large numbers of apples after every meal, usually around six, and also not having a banana on his shoulder after every meal. He would also periodically sing Still Alive with them after they had finished eating at mealtimes. On the last night, when fourth years were in O Commons until 2:30 AM, Nick lead a group in singing Still Alive one last time. Nick was definitely the nerdiest RC on campus, and he shared the title of nerdiest staff member with the TA for Nanotechnology, Jimmy. At dances, Nick was made to patrol with the Bat of Chastity in order to separate TiPsters who were "trying to become one." When TIPsters he knew better were dancing closer than administration would like, he was kind enough to tap them a little on the shoulder with the Bat of Chastity rather than let them be jostled by other, less forgiving staff members. Nick is known for being chill with TIPsters yet still managing to exert his authority over them, an admirable combination. Nick goes to Vassar for college, where they hopefully appreciate his perfect awesomeface as much as the TIPsters do. He is majoring in science, technology, and society, which, in his words, is like majoring in the internet.

On the last day, while comforting a very distressed and tearful TIPster in the parking lot, he offered his wisdom and consolation regarding the inevitable departure of TiP: "It's not over. Are you going to stop being friends with Elizabeth and Caroline? No! You'll always have the friends and experiences. And then you'll go to college, where you have all of the same great stuff but with no supervision! Well, yes, you'll still have RCs, but they have no power over you!" Nick's sheer awesome in everything he did inspired many TIPsters and helped them believe in life after TIP. It is partially because of Nick's greatness that the author of this article wants to become an RC as soon as possible, and the author hopes that she will become the female Nick. Nick's legacy will live on through the memories of TIPsters and through this TIPWiki page. If you knew Nick, you know, and if you didn't know Nick, you wish you knew.

The author has adequately described the awesomeness of Nick, but I the second author shall continue this article. Nick was known best for his outright nerdiness. He was constantly referencing video games that this author cannot begin to understand for lack of a PC. He was also known to comment on hats (fedoras) which had become a fad during Duke West Term II. He hosted the evening activity of anime twice (the first one wasn't really anime; it was computers) and he let TIPsters borrow his Magic decks during free time. To conclude I can only reference the final sentence in the paragraph above me.

A tertiary author shall also continue a declaration of Nick's power of awesome. On one of the first few days at TIP, a certain fourth-year noticed his uncanny resemblance to the folk singer Marcus Mumford, of the English band Mumford & Sons (which, sadly, is not very well known among West TIPsters). This TIPster began to call him Marcus Mumford, and that Nickname (pun intended, I assure you) was used until the end of term. This certain TIPster was also an ardent Whovian; at the West Term II decades dance, she dressed as the Tenth Doctor. However, against TIPpropriate regulations, she brought in a real screwdriver to serve the place of a sonic one. While raving nonchalantly with screwdriver in hand, Marcus approached her. "What was that?" he asked. Though worried that she was going to be reprimanded, she showed him her screwdriver and explained that it was her sonic. Marcus Mumford did not reprimand her at all; in fact, he found it to be quite awesome, and praised her for her love of Doctor Who. This was the moment when this certain TIPster knew without a doubt that Marcus Mumford/Nick was the coolest RC in TIP history. She feels beyond awful for not telling him a formal goodbye, but assures him that she was in such emotional distress after hugging a TIPster bestie over 20 times that she would not have been able to say much of anything anyway. It is much due to his unabated enthusiasm for TIP that she wishes to become an RC as well.

On a Whovian note, Matt Smith should have Nick appear in an episode of Doctor Who some time this season. "I have a Nick now. Nicks are cool."