Nick Torres

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Nick Torres attended ASU Term II his 1st and 2nd year. He went to UGA his 3rd, and roomed with lax bro Arjun Dundoo, who is a disgrace to St. Louis. He recieves constant sexts from Juan Luis that Nick secretly enjoys. He is happily married to steroid abuser, Mark Maguire. They have one illegitimate Black son, Javin Rashad Hughes. No one knows how a half Puerto Rican, half Cuban man and a Caucasian man on steroids can have a Black baby, but it happened. Unfortunately, Nick cheats on Mark with some bitch named Suanny. He cuddles the shit out of her every night. Arjun hears it. Nick can be found with 3rd lover, Rachel, somewhere in the lobby being cockblocked by friends, calling the Father or Extenze with Alex and Arjun. He is probably going to hell. 8=======D-------O: <----Nick Torres