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At East Term 1 in 2010, many 4th year TiPsters and 3rd year a hipster tipster spent a large amount of time discussing nipples. Literally everyday, a conversation about nipples broke out. Frequent topics were the smallness of TiPsters Hunter Brashear's and Andre Boulet's nipples, Mitch Loflin (the male Hipster TiPster in the triangle of hipness with Carly Bloomfeld and a hipster tipster) and his dynamite areolas, and Jack Margolin's communist nipples that can't compete with Mitch's. Namwan Leavell was recorded saying, on the dispute between Margolin and Loflin, "Well redland nips don't stand a chance against the perfectly spherical doinkers of democracy." Discussions about nipples were so common that a chant was uttered when the topic came up. It went as follows:

"Nipples, nipples, nipples, nipples, nipples!"

The chant must be accompanied by a stomp for each utterance of "nipples."