No vandalism on the tipwiki

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This article is to make sure that the tipwiki is a safe space where no vandalism on specific targets are present. As stated in the main page, if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything. Now a lot of times sudden blanking or tweaking of pages are just meant to be jokes, placed by close friends or random strangers. However, such blanking and tweaking of pages sometimes goes too far. There have been many instances of weird edits in the past, including copypastas and website links. Here at the tipwiki, it should be that many false statements or unnecessary jokes just be gotten rid of. Now no one but the tipwiki owners/admins can delete pages for good, so page history remains forever once edits are made, be careful about that. Moreover, tipwiki updates most regularly during term, while summer studies takes place, and updates also correspond to events at Tip, so people shouldn’t be writing false interpretations of those events. Make sure that no one ever says mean things about one another, or stuff that hurts one another. We can’t have disrespectful rhetoric running all over the beloved top wiki, we want to make sure that everyone is saying nice things about one another. Duke Tip is meant to be a place of tolerance and respect for people of all backgrounds, and where people make sure that no one ever harms the well being of one another. So maybe if us tipsters could all come together as a community with mutual respect for our peers, perhaps potential negative situations could be avoided in the future. Tip will continue after 2019 for many years to come, and it is our duty to set a good example for future generations.