Noah Henson

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Duke East, Term 2, 2016

Noah Henson, (known by his rag as "Speedy Gonzales" on acount of his running, and Mexican heritage), a second year at Duke East Term 2 2016, was part of Gant's Rag. He was part of the second year frisbee team The Blackhawks and one of the fastest, (if not the fastest) guys on the team. He was known for playing his electric violin, which he's really good at, being one of the fastest second years, straightening his hair to the point where it became an unnatural obsession, and being able to turn the most mundane sentences into obscene sexual innuendoes. Noah was also very sarcastic and spoke in only a monotone deadpan, infuriating all of his friends. He was roommates with Josef (Glandis Nerian Verbus) (aka the kid who thought he was an alien). Noah also "Shoots lasers out of eyes, and teleport and fly" [citation needed]. The most drama he had this term is when he had a crush on one of the ADF kids and got Margaret Kirchner and Mira Thakur to get his number for him after lunch one day. His close friends include Christina Sigler, Victoria Lawton, Margaret Kirchner, Ethan Pham, Backflip Colin, Hunter (whom he took to the second and third dances) and that's it because no one else will tolerate him. Possible candidate for King of the Gays.