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Noah Flowers

For the information of lovely TiPsters out there who didn't have the pleasure of knowing him, Noah Flowers is probably one of greatest people to ever grace the Davidson and Duke East campuses.

His class credits

  • Davidson 2010- I don't know what class he took (sorry :) )
  • Duke East 2011- International Relations (can we trade George for Spain?)
  • Duke East 2012- Political Cultures and Countercultures (something about dead birds, hamsters, and many jokes I would love to get in on)

Anyways, this child is one of the best people ever. He is hilarious in pretty much every way. He's also really sincere in personality but has delightful sarcasm skills. Not to mention his imitations of emoticons will leave you practically rolling on the floor with laughter. He has wonderful taste in music and knows his stuff. He sings, though he'll never sing for you, even if you beg. So sorry, he doesn't bless people with his voice. This child is SERIOUSLY intelligent in pretty much all subjects you could think of.

Also note, he is a really good and VERY dedicated Frisbee player and will play until he causes himself tendinitis, much to the chagrin of his friends. To wrap this up, the wonderful Noah Knowles Flowers was deemed worthy of the Fairy Wings relic which embodies all things TiP. He deserves it.