Noelle Stroud

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Noelle Stroud is a giant nerd who is ironically very, very short. She is an overall amazing human who deserves all of the niceness. An incredible friend, anyone who happened to be at West Term 1 in 2015 either met someone who would become their favorite person or they missed the greatest opportunity they would ever come across. Her mom is super cool, an english teacher that can help anyone have a brighter day. Talking to Noelle is like wrapping oneself in a blanket of emotional comfort. She does get into fights a lot, so don't be mean to her friends if you are not willing to take a beating.

She also really likes that musical Hamilton. Like she really likes it. I mean I know some people that like it, definitely. One thought she wouldn't like it, but she ended up loving it. Another loved it from the get-go. But nobody likes it as much as she does. If she marries something, I have money on it being that. I mean, that is a figure of speech, but I am willing to put cold, hard cash down on this. Seriously.

One of the greatest tragedies to befall TiP is that Noelle only came as a fourth-year, and her presence graced those hallowed toothpaste halls at Few dorm in West only once. She plans to live the next year vicariously through her youngling friends as they become fourth-years, and hopes to sneak into the dances with a borrowed green lanyard.

She doesn't care much about appearances, but her eyes are super cool, like multicolored pools of affection. She is too nice for us mortals, as she steals the niceness from woodland elves.