Notable 4th years of East I 2011

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This is my attempt at providing a summary of notable 4th years of East Term I in 2011. Notable is a subjective term, so if there is someone not on this list whom you believe deserves a spot, please add them.

Captain Falcon

Captain Falcon was one of the unfortunate souls whose TIP experience was cut short by , which swept East II in 2009, his second year. He subsequently came to Term I next year, where he was a member of AFT (Andrew's First Time), a popular and close-knit rag of third years. AFT would come to affect that year and the next with the friendships formed there. 2010 was also when Captain Falcon met Sulley (see below), his relationTIP for the next two years. Captain Falcon went to Davidson his first year, then East II his second, and spent his third and fourth years at East I. He took, respectively, Algebra 2, Criminal Trial Advocacy, Game Theory, and Philosophy of Time. Aside from Andrew his third year, Captain Falcon had Christopher at Davidson, Charles at East II, and Josh in 2011. In his fourth year, Harrison passed down his shrunken pink shirt to 3rd year Richard Hays, for which he was famous, and helped write the Legend of the Weeping Yogi. Captain Falcon was, debatably, one of the leaders of AFT and also of Josh's RAG, and, according to some girls, attracted a sort of fan club his fourth year, due probably to his hotness and charisma.

Cat McKeown

Andre Boulet

Andre hails from Louisiana and came to East I in 2010 after attending the marine lab the year previously. That year he was in IR and was a member of Winfield's RAG, making him one of only 6 third-year guys to be in Bassett. In 2011, Andre took Awakening Giants and had Gabe as an RC, with whom he connected immediately. They were always making jokes and Andre often would end up doing "Gabe push-ups," everyone's favorite punishment. On the last night/last morning, Andre threw spoiled milk on Gabe while he was showering, an act that caused some others to throw-up and which was unavenged, leaving the score permanently in Andre's favor. Andre also shared a bond with fellow member of Gabe's RAG Arthur Rizavi, with whom he hosted the Talent Show. Speaking of special bonds, Andre was in a relationTIP with Adelaide Morphett his fourth-year.

Rob Hawkes

Rob was from Lexington, TN, and his voice betrayed it. 2011 was Rob's first year at East I, having spent his first two at Texas A&M Term I where he took American politics and Criminal Law and had Allsion and Austin as RCs. He then went to UGA TErm I and took robotics with Austin as his RC once again. This past year (2011), Rob found his home at East I in Josh's RAG taking Spy 101. Rob also had a complex, on-again-off-again pseudo-relationTIP with Mandy Good, whom he knew from A&M, however they did not end term together. He was by far the largest TIPster, standing around 6'3" and weighing 80 pounds more than the next heaviest (Jackson Myers). But his classmate and podmate, a third year named Tim Hasty still gave him multiple piggy back rides. His heart was more than big enough to match his body, however, and he was regarded as a true Southern gentleman. He shared much love with everyone, especially Daniel Sosnovsky, with whom he often behaved inTIPpropriately, i.e. pranking Josh.

a hipster tipster

Thomas Klein


Victoria Ledford

Victoria hails from Spartanburg, SC and came to East first in 2010, when she took Criminal Minds and was in Izzy's RAG. Previously, she had attended West II, where she had taken Stones and Bones and been a memeber of J.C.'s RAG. That first year at East, Victoria roomed with Kate Westman, beginning a strong friendship/domestic partnership that would live on to 2011. That year (2011), Victoria took IR, a class which included many fourth-years like Alison Lui, Annie Ma and Victoria's pseudo-relationTIP Daniel Sosnovsky(N.B. Both Victoria and Daniel would deny that they were a relationTIP in any sense, but all of their friends would disagree). Victoria was a member of Daven's RAG (a.k.a. Daven's Dino's).

Jackson Myers

A wonderful TIPster who is a great musician. Jackson was a great role model for a lot of younger TIPsters. He has a great amount of TIP spirit in him and has very strong feelings for TIP as showed in his Talent Show performance and his wonderful moving Homage to TIP video he has posted to Facebook. He is a great young man who is a great embodiment of what TIP is.


Arriving after missing only 2 flights, Fox preferred not to name his hometown, but instead the fact that he was swiss, and grew up in switzerland. Although he attended West T2 and took Strategic Decision Making the previous year, no reputation preceded him, and he soon became known as "bone structure guy" after the infamous title a fellow 4th year, Eliza Scruton, bestowed upon him. This title went on to be used on Daven's RAG shirt, in the phrase "Got bone structure". A notable moment in his life at East was the moment he lost to Daniel Jaffe in the Josh's RAG vs. Gabe's RAG kissing competition. Daniel did however get dumped within a few days, and Fox went on to have a far more notable Relationtip with Lucy McGinnis. Some other noteworthy achievements include coining the term "Rape&Pillage" during class (CEOs w fellow 4th yr Jackson Myers), topping the ping pong triumverate (w Rohin & Nelson) on the 2nd last day of the term and losing just 1 hour of free time and 1/2 a dance after being caught locked in a bathroom with a TIPster of the opposite sex. Fox was an enthusiastic member of Josh's RAG, and enjoyed his bedtime talks and cuddles with his gigantic roommate, Robby Hawkes.

Arthur Rizavi

Eliza Scruton

Timothy Shu

Daniel Sosnovsky


Sulley was a TIPster with a great amount of love for TIP. Her first year at TIP was East I 2010, where she took Spy 101 and was in Izzy's RAG. It was in this year that her relationTIP with Captain Falcon (above) began, as well as her special bond with Victoria Ledford (above). Sulley was very anxious to return to TIP in 2011 and she did with great excitement and gusto. A member of Daven's RAG and CTA (Criminal Trial Advocacy), Sulley continued this relationTIP, which transformed into a TIP-tricycle with Jackson Myers as the third wheel. Sulley was the organizing force behind the 4th-year performance of "Good Riddance" at the talent show, as well as the all-fourth-year-girls' performance of "Friends of Mine." Sulley was a naturally reserved person, but she opened up to her friends, leading to many heartfelt conversations. Particularly daring TIPsters could sign up on her "Waiting List" for a special treat at 10:45 PM (wink wink).